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Pakistan Business Visa

Missions abroad can issue up to five years multiple business visa of Pakistan (non-reporting) within 24 Hours to businessmen of 48 countries of List-A on showing of any of the following documents:

  1. Recommendation letter from CC&I of the respective country of the foreigner.
  2. Invitation letter from Business organization duly recommended by the concerned Trade Organization/ Association in Pakistan, Chamber of Commerce etc.
  3. Recommendatory letter by Honorary Investment Counselor of BOI / commercial attach posted at Missions abroad.
  4. Missions are also authorized to issue entry visa for one month to Genuine Businessmen of countries besides those in A List (except those not recognized by Pakistan) from applicants own country or place of legal residence by Ambassador / High Commissioner / Head of Mission only on the following criteria.
  5. The applicant belongs to Company of International repute/ or fulfills the criteria mentioned for List A country in respect of valid sponsorship from Pakistan.