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Pakistan is proud to launch new visa regime in Pakistan that is now a true tourism brand of Pakistan. The tourists can now get electronic visa without visiting Pakistan embassy or the consulate and just sitting at home. We believe that this new brand of visa opening would bring revolutionary growth in Pakistan tourism.

As per new visa regime a yatree is considered as tourist and that is why there is no column of pilgrimage visa in application forms and neither is it mentioned in new onlin e-Visa system. So a yatree would go through the same application criteria as a normal tourist and would apply on all overseas citizens of Indian origin but must have nationality of other than India or green card or residence permit of the respective country.

Visa fee is the same as it is for the ordinary tourist visa and all other requirements of documents are also the same as for tourist visa. Now one may also apply visa online through Nadra e-Visa system https://visa.nadra.gov.pk/ that would give you all the way for processing of your visa application. We as tour operator and team of our dedicated tourism professional may help you to gather documents required for yatra visa. The requirements may change with the passage of time and that is why it is advised to have assigned a local tour operator to help out in visa processing and hope that would save your time and make the process hassle free.

We are proud to announce that Pakistan has opened its doors for Sikh pilgrims at Kartar Pur and also on all other entry ports by facilitating their smooth entry to Pakistan and would keep improving with the passage of time. There are the following new incentives announced by the present government:

  • Visa was issued for 3 months validity whereas now would it be for 6 months.
  • Visa was issued for 15 days duration of stay whereas now is it for 30 days.
  • Visa was issued only for three cities whereas now it is for all Pakistan.
  • There were restrictions for passing through cantonments whereas it is now free for all foreign tourists.

Mr. Mehmood A. Malik (CEO)

we specialize in tour handling throughout Pakistan. we are pleased to help out in processing of your visa application. Pakistan is proud to launch new online visa regime.